Get Drowned In Music at Vigado Concert Hall Budapest

From the Zoo, I headed towards the next destination which was the Vigado Concert Hall Budapest. Being an ardent lover of music, I wanted to spend some cozy, peaceful and soothing time in an area devoted for music and the Vigado Concert Hall Budapest was certainly the best one for that. Generally translated as the Place for Merriment, Vigado stands second in the list of largest concert halls in Budapest. Since it is located on the east bank of the River Danube, I had to spend some time travelling before I reached the place.

vigado concert hall budapest

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It was built in order to stand as a replacement for a concert hall situated at the same place which was demolished due to fire during the War of Independence in 1848. After the war, the concert hall was reconstructed for more than 36 years and has been designed in a manner with due respect to the design of the actual building. The Vigado Concert Hall Budapest is capable of drawing leading performers and conductors from different parts of the world.

The actual building was fabricated in 1859 by Frigyes Feszi and looks extremely massive on the embankment of Pest. It was in 2006 when the Vigado Concert Hall’s facade was completely restored after being cleaned. The Hungaruan House of Traditions or State Folk Ensemble has its home stage in the Vigado Concert Hall Budapest. It is this group which made the traditional music and dance of the country extremely popular after arriving in the year 1951. The group is comprised of around 30 dancers, a folk band of five members and a 14 member Gypsy band.

inside view of vigado concert hall budapest

Inside View of Vigado Concert Hall Budapest | Image Resource :

On entering the Vigado Concert Hall Budapest, I found that the acoustics may be of poor quality but the design of the building is bound to leave anybody in amazement. It is undoubtedly the country’s most beautifully decorated concert hall and is based on Hungarian and Oriental Art Nouveau style in combination with a blend of exclusively pleasing detail and rich romance. With the capacity to accommodate around 700 people, the Vigado Concert Hall Budapest stands amongst the most significant sports for music lovers in the country.