Titanic the Artifact Exhibition Las Vegas – A Miraculous and Irreplaceable Experience

My last visit was to a mind-boggling spot, Titanic the artifact exhibition Las Vegas, which I deliberately kept for the last to end my visit in style. I had heard a lot about the exhibition. My friends who had visited the place insisted me to see and enjoy the exhibition. It was especially a unique experience for me as I had never seen such an exhibition. I was always interested in the story of Titanic, especially in the romance of Rose and Jack, and so I visited the place.

ttanic - the artifact exhibition las vegas

Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition Las Vegas | Image Resource : itsalovelylife.com

I reached the place on time so that I could explore the exhibition completely. Though I have visited many wonderful museums, this one has left a lasting impression upon me. It is very creatively designed to give a sensation of the ship. The whole exhibition was very detailed and it would include the stories of some of the passengers. A huge part of the ship was left there recovered. Even some of the portholes and many glasses which were broken could be seen which gave a sense of atrociousness of the ship. The best part of it was that I was assigned a name of the passenger who really had travelled through the ship.

actual piece of the Titanic siding

Actual Piece of the Titanic Siding | Image Resource : itsalovelylife.com

After the journey was over I got to know that I luckily survived the trial. It even had the imitation of the staircase of which I took some photographs with my camera. I even got to know the details relating to the ship’s sinking.

andrew`s sealskin slippers

Andrew`s Sealskin Slippers | Image Resource : cbsatlanta.files.wordpress.com

Seeing the piece of artifact hanging in front of me was a little horrifying. I even visited the gift shop where I had done a quiet bit of shopping for my friends. A food court was also present there. The exhibition museum generally consisted of the passengers’ baggage, smoking rooms, window frame of the café’s, an old bottle of champagne.

Titanic the artifact exhibition Las Vegas was a lifetime opportunity for me and thanks to God for giving me the scope to visit it. It seemed as if I had come back to those times and it even felt amazing while I was walking on the ship which has a magnificent history. This tour reminded me of the ship and how painfully it had sunk.