Visit To London’s 30 St Mary Axe

My aunt and I shared a good bonding and very soon we understood each other’s choices well. She realised that I was marvelled by contemporary architecture. It was a Tuesday morning when she told me I must get ready. She said we were going to visit the 30 St Mary Axe.

Name Was All I Knew

I must apologise, I was pretty ignorant about London’s contemporary architecture. I learnt from my aunt that this was exactly where the Baltic Exchange stood prior to the bomb explosion. The new building’s construction work was completed in 2003 and in 2004 the building became functional.

Fascinating Structure

My aunt told me that the skyscraper is now one of London’s major landmarks. The tower has 41 floors. Its magnificent structure is sure to make you marvel. I got an opportunity to witness the building in the night hours. It looked lovely. I even captured a few pictures to save them in my London album.

30 st mary axe london

30 St Mary Axe London | Image Resource :

Names For The Building

The building which is referred to as the 30 St Mary Axe is located in St Mary Axe. It is informally called the Gherkin by the locals. Some people even address it as the Swiss Re Building.

Great Food And Impeccable View

I wasn’t aware we would get to enter the building but my aunt had planned everything beforehand. We proceeded to the Bar and Restaurant on the top floor of this building. The ambience and food were truly great. I was thoroughly impressed by the view from the top floor at night. The entire city looked great.

Reasons To Go There

The building is pretty far from the remaining travel destinations. Yet, tourists should visit this fabulous building. If you have an eye for fine architecture and contemporary structures, you should not miss this chance. The building design is truly impeccable.

30 st mary axe entrance

30 St Mary Axe Entrance | Image Resource :

The view from the top during the morning hours is different from the view in the evening and night. A photographer would love to click pictures from different locations of the building. I would suggest all fellow Indians who visit London to surely visit this building.