Sziget Festival Budapest – The Event of My Life

My next idea was to explore the Sziget festival Budapest which was scheduled to begin next day. I had planned my trip accordingly in order to spend at least one complete day in that festival which is popular across the globe.

It is organized in the month of August every year on the Obudai Sziget Island located on the river Danube in the northern half of Budapest. The island has an area of nearly 266 acres and hosts more than a thousand performances during the festival every year. I knew that the festival is extremely striking due to the fact that it exhibits acts from different genres. For instance, in 2006, it hosted a blues stage, world music stage and a jazz tent along with different kinds of stages presenting standard and well known rock performances.

obudai sziget island

Obudai Sziget Island | Image Resource : kü

It is mainly popular in the western part of Europe. Statistics show that more than half of the audiences are from outside the country, especially Netherlands. The festival also witnesses visitors from countries like Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and the US. Since the Sziget festival Budapest is organized on an island located in the Danube River, many people try to enter it forcibly by swimming or paddling across the river.

sziget festival budapest

Sziget Festival Budapest | Image Resource :

Though the festival lasts for a week and you can’t fail to miss even a single day, I had to restrict myself from visiting each day of the festival as I had to return home and explore other places before that. As per the info found on the web, the festival was first organized in 1993 by some students. And now, it holds the credit for being the most prominent rock festivals in the continent. It has so much popularity that special party trains are introduced every year in order to transport the festival goers.

It was only 3 years ago that The Independent ranked it amongst the top five festivals in the continent. It was in the same year when the festival received the European Festivals Award. Many people term it as an electronically boosted amusement park which has no links with the outside world. After spending the entire day at the festival, I returned to my room exhausted and fell asleep.