St Paul`S Cathedral London – Maintaining the National Identity of the British People

The next destination in our list was the St. Paul’s Cathedral. We had already been amazed with our visits to some of the most spectacular tourist spots in the world but we were hungry for more. I have already visited many churches in different corners of the world but there’s none like the St Paul`s Cathedral in London. It is an Anglican cathedral and acts as the main seat for the Bishop of London. It also serves as the mother church for the Diocese of London. It is located at the top of the highest point in the entire city i.e. Ludgate Hill.

It is dedicated to Paul, the Apostle ever since its foundation in 604 AD. The church has been destroyed and reconstructed several times due to various reasons. The present form of the church has been in existence since the latter half of the 17th century.

St Paul`s Cathedral London

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The credit for the design of the church in the traditional English Baroque style goes to Sir Christopher Wren. The best thing about the church is that its construction was completed while the architect himself was alive. It had to be rebuilt after the entire city was engulfed badly during the Great Fire of London. There is no doubt about the fact that the St Paul`s Cathedral plays a great role in attracting tourists from different corners of the world and is one of the most prominent sights in London.

With a height of around 111m, it had also served as the city’s tallest building during the time period between 1719 and 1962. Its dome also holds the credit for being one of the highest across the globe. It also enjoys the second position in terms of the biggest church buildings in the country with respect to area, second to Liverpool Cathedral.

inside st paul`s cathedral london

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The Church enjoys a special place in maintaining the national identity of the British population. For instance, you can find postcard pictures of the massiveness of the dome while being surrounded by fire and smoke during the Blitz. Even important celebrations such as Jubilee events for Queen Victoria; funerals of Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and Duke of Wellington; wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales have been conducted at this very church.


Weekend Getaways : St. Paul’s Cathedral London

st. paul's cathedral london

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St. Paul’s Cathedral London : I was very excited to see the St Paul’s Cathedral of London. Prior to this, I had seen churches and cathedrals just of India. The feeling of seeing an actual English cathedral was different. I even clicked pictures of the cathedral. I appreciate the fact that these churches and cathedrals are maintained well.