Palace Of Arts Budapest Hungary – Exhibiting Some Great Pieces of Art

After having a sound sleep on the comfortable bed of the guestroom till the afternoon, I went for a shower in order to freshen up. I had two complete days and one half day to explore Budapest completely. And in order to make sure that I had enough time for every destination, I decided to use the half day for exploring at least one or two places. The first destination in my list was Palace of arts Budapest Hungary. After almost half an hour, I was there, right in front of the glamorous Palace of Arts.

palace of arts budapest hungary

Palace Of Arts Budapest Hungary Main Entrance | Image Resource :

It is a huge building located in what was known as Ferencvaros. I learnt from the driver that the Palace of Arts came into existence officially from the month of March in 2005. Demeter, Zoboky and Partners Architectural Office hold the credit for designing this fabulous structure located close to the Rakoczi Bridge. Even the National Theatre was very close to the Palace. I came to know that the National Theatre as well as the Palace of Arts is a portion of the newly created Millenium City Center.

inside view of palace of arts budapest hungary

Inside View Of Palace Of Arts Budapest Hungary | Image Resource :

One of the members of the Palace of Arts told me that it covered a total area of around ten thousand square meters with the entire floor space being around seventy thousand square meters. I also got the opportunity to meet the Palace’s general manager, named Csaba Kael as he was inspecting some pieces of art displayed in the building. He even advised me to check out a museum with the same name. At first, I was really eager to visit the museum as well but then decided to stick to my plan.

I began with the Festival Theatre which was located on the eastern third part of the building. It could accommodate around 452 people in one go and was equipped with the latest existing technology. After that, I explored the Ludwig museum which is a unique contemporary museum exhibiting paints and artistic pieces created by some of the greatest Hungarian masters of all ages. After that, I checked out the Bartok National Concert Hall which houses a huge organ and variable acoustics.