Natural History Museum : A Worthwhile Tourist Destination

I was not aware what was in store for me in the Natural History Museum. I thoroughly welcomed the idea of visiting the Natural History Museum completely trusting my aunt’s choice and instincts. We headed to the Exhibition Road in South Kensington where the building was located.

The Building Architecture

The building was huge and the majestic size of the museum itself amused me. I instantly clicked pictures using my cellphone but I must confess not half its beauty can actually be captured. The huge building was constructed way back in 1873. The structure is huge and it is sure to make you marvel over the artistic abilities of the architects of the bygone era. The building architecture is a combination of Romanesque Architecture and Victorian Architecture styles. The building houses a huge collection which any tourist must visit during his trip to London.

natural history museum london

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The Vast Collection

The museum helps you learn about the past as well as the future. They have a huge collection of insects and organisms of different species. The information helps you to understand the different stages of the evolution process.

You get to learn a lot also includes remains of butterflies of different species. This surely annoyed me more than it impressed me. I do not enjoy seeing dead and preserved specimens. There I got to learn the significance of preserving the different specimens. I understood how it helps researchers to learn about the future of different species.

The Stunning Axe In The Museum Collection

I was surprised to learn that mankind actually existed 400,000 years back. This invoked my interest and I wanted to see the axe that revealed earth’s age. It wasn’t easy to grasp the fact that the axe was actually made by a human being and used as a tool.

A Fine Lunch At The Museum Cafe

We were pretty hungry after taking tours of the museum. We did not have the energy to go too far to fetch a sumptuous lunch. That is when we saw the lovely cafe. I must agree the food here is pretty good for the cost at which they offer it. We had bacon and salad. It was filling and completely enjoyable.