Weekend Getaways : National Gallery London

national gallery london

National Gallery London | Image Resource : perfecthomestay.co.uk

National Gallery London : This is one of the oldest art museums in London. It is sitauted at the Trafalgar Square, which is another tourist destination. The museum was founded in the year 1824 and it houses over two thounsand three hundred paintings dating from the mid thirteen century till 1900. The museum holds some of the best paintings. It is the fourth most visited museum in the world. I was delighted to be able to visit such a beautifully designed museum.


Our Time At National Gallery London

My aunt has always enjoyed art and so she thought I would share her feelings for art. That is probably why she planned a trip to the National Gallery London. We had a lovely breakfast of coffee and donuts before we left for the visit.

About The National Gallery London

The National Gallery of London is one of the popular tourist destinations and is a massive gallery. It has a huge collection of artworks. I was awestruck by the mere size of the gallery. The entire gallery was maintained in good condition. I was also surprised to know that the entry to this gallery is completely free.

Enjoyable Trip

I had recently read Inferno by Dan Brown and the story had aroused my interest in the paintings by Botticelli. I waited to observe the fakes of various famous paintings by Botticelli. Some of the paintings were inspired from Dante’s Divine Comedy. I was fun watching different intricate art works as my aunt kept explaining the theme and inspiration behind each artwork.

She also explained to me about the era to which these artists belonged and the beliefs related to that era. She explained to me the different mythological stories which may have impacted their thought process. Many art works were inspired from Greek and Roman mythology.

national gallery london

National Gallery London | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

Learnt Something New

As I was pretty ignorant about art, I was equally impressed by the fake artworks. There was a visitor in the gallery who showed the kindness to explain to us the difference between fake and real paintings. It helped me distinguish fake from real. It also helped to enhance my taste for artwork. I enjoyed the time I spent in the gallery.

inside view of national gallery london

Inside view of National Gallery London | Image Resource : guias-viajar.com

Free Events and Exhibitions

The gallery frequently organises free events and exhibitions. This enables people to understand more about the art exhibited in the gallery. It is best to call them and enquire or check out their website before you plan a trip. The gallery is run mainly on donations but is truly well maintained. Any Indian who visits London must visit this gallery.