The Joy Of Flying By British Airways

I enjoy my work but the past few months were too hectic. I needed a break from my routine so when my aunt invited me to her home for a vacation, I was more than happy. I was to travel to London by the British Airways. I packed my bags a day before my flight and was thoroughly excited.

The Check-in

We had used the international flights booking app to find the most suitable flight for our journey. The check-in procedure was simple. The crew was friendly which I thoroughly appreciate. They politely lead me to my seat. I couldn’t help observing their well-knit uniforms. The fashion designer in me couldn’t give up observing the well designed uniforms for the air hostesses.

british airways

British Airways | Image Resource :

The Seats

Finally I reached my seat. It was a window seat which I had purposely booked. I have an affinity for the window seat since my childhood. The seats were comfortable. There was sufficient legroom. They had provided some magazines to keep the passengers entertained. The crew personally assisted us with the seatbelts.

inside view of british airways

Inside View of British Airways | Image Resource :

The Window

As the flight slowly took off, the pressure changes started affecting me. I kept rubbing my ears trying to ignore the pressure changes. I peeped out of the window and the sight was thoroughly enjoyable. I could see the major landmarks of Delhi as if they were mere toys or puppets. As the flight went higher up, I could see the clouds floating below. It was a wonderful feeling. I felt I was very close to heaven.

The Food

I was still busy peeping out of the window when the polite hostess brought food to my seat. I am a food fanatic and I was thoroughly impressed by the food they served onboard. The food was delectable and I enjoyed every morsel that was served. I must say they strive hard to maintain their superb reputation.

food and drinks on british airways

Food and Drinks on British Airways | Image Resource :

The Landing

I was even more excited when the flight was landing. I could see the huge skyscrapers and the host of buildings. It was fun to watch a whole new city develop from miniscule images into the city itself. I enjoyed the journey completely. Thanks to British Airways that travellers are able to enjoy such superior comfort even while flying.