Weekend Getaways : Hyde Park London

hyde park london

Hyde Park London | Image Resource : widehdwalls.com

Hyde Park London : Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London. The area is lush green. Tourist from different parts of the world, visit this beautiful park. I visited this park when I travelled to London and I simply loved it. Famous rock concerts are also held here. Large crowd gather here to watch these live performances. One must definitely visit this park.


Hyde Park Visit Made Our Sunday Worthwhile

I had always heard a lot about the enormous Hyde Park in London. I had always fostered a desire to visit this Park in London. So I requested my aunt that I wish to visit the park. We visited the park on a Sunday and it was completely worthwhile.

About Hyde Park

The Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London. It is also regarded as the Royal Park of London. The most prominent part of the park is definitely the Speaker’s Corner where very frequently the demonstrations are held. It is a great place for great speakers and orators to openly speak up.

hyde park london

Hyde Park London | Image Resource : fanpop.com

Attractions In The Hyde Park

The Weeping Beech

I was thoroughly amazed to see the weeping beech. It is indeed nature’s spectacular creation. I clicked several pictures of the amazing beech tree. The leaves truly appear like falling teardrops. I wonder who must have been so creative as to name it this way.

weeping beech at hyde park london

Weeping Beech at Hyde Park London | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

Amazing Sculptures

I found some beautifully sculpted idols in different parts of the park. They were splendid and added grace and beauty to the park. I clicked pictures of these sculptures on my cellphone. I even posted some of them on my blog.

dancing cranes at one hyde park london

Dancing Cranes at One Hyde Park London | Image Resource : sculpturebythelakes.co.uk

statue of peter pan, hyde park, london

Statue of Peter Pan, Hyde Park, London | Image Resource : flickr.com

Rock Concerts

My aunt told me that often Rock Concerts were held in Hyde Park in different times of the year. I wished I had been to London when some such event was on. It would have been so very exciting. I was not destined to be there during the events. I will surely plan my next London trip considering these factors.

Steak For Lunch At Hyde Park

Finally we were tired and wanted to have a filling lunch. We decided to eat at Joseph’s Steakhouse. I am not a great fan of steak but it is my aunt who told me it was a fabulous place to lunch and dine. We had a filling lunch with steak and wine. It was a completely different experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am sure to suggest steak to my friends in India.

joseph’s steakhouse at hyde park london

Joseph’s Steakhouse at Hyde Park London | Image Resource : josephs-steakhouse.com