My Air Travel from Delhi to Hungary by Turkish Airlines – Seamless And Comfortable

Being a pharmacist by profession, I have an extremely tough time taking care of the health of different kinds of people. Of course I have the most supportive parents in the world who always assist me in learning about new ways which help me relax. It is due to their blessings that I have been able to establish my career. However, despite being studious, I always had a knack of travelling to different kinds of places across the globe.

I had visited some of the most awesome destinations across different continents from the age of 20. And after working continuously without any break, it was time to refresh myself with some good trip. After searching the web for a while and consulting some of my friends, I decided to have a tour of Hungary. So I checked out the flight booking app loaded in my smartphone and got one ticket on the Turkish airlines. However, since there was no direct mode of travel from India to Budapest, I had to travel on two different flights via Istanbul.

turkish airlines

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Since the flights remain busy throughout the year, I booked the tickets two months before which also enabled me to get some cheap tickets. Thus, I packed my bags on the scheduled date of departure and arrived at the New Delhi airport with all the strength and vigour for an adventurous and amazing tour. Since it was going to be a break journey, I took some of my favourite magazines and story books along with me.

I departed from New Delhi at around 11.30 in the morning and reached Istanbul at nearly 8.40 in the evening. Meanwhile I checked the flight booking app for booking a return ticket. I was really amazed at the beauty of the Istanbul airport. It was crafted in an elegant fashion. I took some rest at the lounge before departing on the next flight to Budapest. The journey on Turkish airlines was wonderful.