Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden – Host for Exclusive Species

I woke up early the next day as I had to reach the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden by 9am. I used the Budapest Metro for reaching the zoo cum garden. I had to pay a nominal amount of 2500 HUF to enter the zoo which is located inside the Varosliget Park.

I knew that it is the oldest park and zoo in the country and houses more than one thousand different species of animals. According to statistics, the zoo experiences nearly 1.1 million tourists each year and so I arrived early in order to explore the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden completely. It is a reserve for plants and animals and also houses some extraordinary art nouveau structures crafted by Karoly Kos and Kornerl Neuschloss.

budapest zoo & botanical garden

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The zoo houses different kinds of species which include 3 species of True Jellyfish, 1 of Brittle Stars, 42 of arachnids, 28 of Crustaceans, 24 of amphibians, 118 of mammals, 7 of starfish, 9 of slugs and snails,  419 of bony fish, 12 of cartilaginous fish, 1 of sea cucumbers, 1 of millipedes, 3 of sea urchins and several others.

On entering the zoo, I, straightaway went to the Magic Hill which was the latest attraction in the Zoo. It was located in the Great Rock and hosted a wide range of fauna and flora. It also exhibited how the diversity of the plants and animals has evolved along with the bond between nature and humans. It will enable you to view around 100 species, illustrative models and interactive games. The next sport was the America Tropicana which was previously known as the Palm House. It shows a wide range of plants and animals that are found in the American continent where tropical climate exists.

I went to the Savannah Zone which shows gazelles, birds, small mammals, giraffes, insects and white rhinoceroses. After that, I went to the Australia Zone which exhibits amphibians, reptiles and some exclusive birds found in Australia. It also features the Hillhouse showcasing kangaroos, wombats and cassowaries. And then I went to the India Zone which presents the familiar striped hyenae, Indian lions and several others. I also visited the Primates Near at Hand and Janos Xantus House before exiting the zoo.