British Museum London – A Massive Collection of Antique Items from Across the Globe

After spending time at some of the most renowned destinations across the globe, it was time to move on to our next destination which was the British Museum London. We had already visited a museum and a palace but were still excited to visit the next one. It has been dedicated to the history and culture of human beings and is situated in an area known as Bloomsbury. The permanent collection of the museum alone accounts to more than eight million and makes it fall in the list of most comprehensive and biggest museums in existence.

british museum london

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The best thing about the museum is that the exhibits put on display belong to different continents and countries of the world thereby documenting and illustrating the story of existence of human beings from the beginning. We came to know that the British Museum was founded in the year 1753 when it was mainly based on the collections of scientist and physician Sir Hans Sloane. It was opened for the public in January, 1759 in what is known as the Montagu House in Bloomsbury. The expansion of the British Empire to every corner of the globe resulted in the expansion of the museum for more than two centuries. It is due to this reason that the museum’s collections had to be divided into several branches.

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We knew that there were many things inside the British Museum which are reasons for controversies as they are demanded by the countries from where they have been collected. There have been situations when the Museum had to house the national library which was previously located in a building known as the Round Reading Room. We were simply spellbound with the number of exhibits put up on display.

I can definitely say that a person cannot explore the entire museum properly in a single day. The national museum is actually a non departmental public body which is sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. There are many such national museums in the country where you can enter without paying any admission fee. We could also see the Director, Mr. Neil MacGregor keeping a keen watch over the activities of the museum.


Weekend Getaways : British Museum London

british museum london

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British Museum London : I am a great fan of museum and antiques. That is one reason why I was so happy to visit the museum. The British Museum of London is truly amazing. The vast collection in the museum left me truly spellbound. I hoped India also had such opulent collections in their museums.