Adventuredome Las Vegas – An Exciting Place to Have Fun

After a good trip at the zoological park, it was time to move ahead and have some fun and so the next destination at hand was Adventuredome Las Vegas. It was just a 15-minute trip from my previous destination and so I made it to the place with ease. I had heard about this place and so was quite excited. I am a big fan of rides and love to sit tight in the roller coasters. I had also heard that the design of the place was beautiful and it was a great place to visit. During the time of Halloween, the place is decorated in that particular style to make it look more happening and amazing.

I reached the place after a good travel and immediately my first desire was to choose a good ride and get on it so as to get the feeling and joy at the very first moment. The first one was the canyon blaster and it was very exciting as it had loops and corkscrew, which made me go crazy. El Loco was the name of my second ride and it was fun too as it took a dip in the pool of water while splashing the water all over the nearby area and on us, making me wet and simultaneously have a blast.

adventuredome las vegas

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Slingshot was another ride which made me shout like mad as the ride went up to a good 100 inch and took a great free fall which made my heart stop for a few moments as it was awesome. The next one that excited me to the core was the inverter as it is used to invert the people riding it and so I enjoyed that ride a lot. My very last major one was the chaos, which had cars that flip and turn and they made me shout a lot out of joy and excitement.

After the major heart-stopping rides, I did take some time off to rest a little and so during that time I enjoyed family and other small rides. The experience at Adventuredome Las Vegas was way too amazing and it added a special flavor to my trip. After coming out of that place, I decided to move to the Springs Preserve Las Vegas.