Travel Thought Of The Week : Marcel Proust

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Travel is important because it fundamentally changes us. This experience of waking up to the power of your own change fires you up to “be the change you want to see in the world. It is a good break from the daily routine.


For Witnessing Quaint Customs : Travel To Barcelona In Winter

Think winter and the first thing that comes to mind is the lovely cool weather and the enjoyment that comes along with it. The Spanish town of Barcelona near the seaside has all the best places one can visit and enjoy to the maximum.

In all cities during winter it is the Christmas that is celebrated with great pomp and vigour. However, when makes we to Travel to Barcelona in winter, it is noticed that right from December 8th itself, the people here celebrate the Tio De Nadal, which involves placing a burning log outside, and retaining it till the Christmas Eve.

tio de nadal – christmas log

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feast of three kings in barceloana

Feast of Three Kings in Barceloana | Image Resource :

Then, there is the celebration of the Feast of Three Kings, which is celebrated on January 6th. Large processions are taken out and sweets distributed, and children put out their shoes to be filled in the evening and they are filled up with gifts the next morning by kings. What a quaint thing to witness!

For A Wonderful Sightseeing Experience: Travel To Barcelona In Winter!

In fact the holiday season is a wonderful way to indulge in sightseeing this town. The Sagrada Familia Cathedral is a fabulous cathedral with intricate and arresting kind of architecture which is really worth a visit.

Then of course, there is the old world charm of traditional markets which seem to spring up all over the cities in Europe. During the Travel to Barcelona In Winter, don’t miss the most famous market is the Fira de Santa Lucia, which actually dates back to 1786. One can have the best shopping experience that involves food, fruits and Christmas decorations, native crafts and lots more.

fira de santa lucia market in barceloana

Fira de Santa Lucia Market in Barceloana | Image Resource :

Light Up The Travel Experience While Traveling To Barcelona.

Coinciding with the Christmas celebration, the ceremony of lights-that is Els Illums de Nadal, is absolutely fascinating wherein, the Mayor turns on the light ceremoniously during November, and along with it are the shopping fests which are on through the night. Walking around in such a set-up is a real pleasure. It feels as if one is in fairyland, with the added benefit of shopping and sight-seeing.

els Illums de nadal barceloana

Els Illums de Nadal Barceloana | Image Resource :

christmas eve barceloana

Christmas Eve Barceloana | Image Resource :


Happy New Year!

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This year turned out to be way better than what I expected. I visited the Gir forest situated in Gujarat; clicked some amazing snaps of animals and the natural scenery there. It helped me found some new inspiration for my work. I would like to wish all my near and dear a very happy new year.

Wishing you a very Mery Christmas!

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Christmas plays a big role in the country, even though festival itself is foreign. As a fashion designer I keep getting requests to design a line for the festival. We even decided to design a range of low cost sweaters to distribute to the poor to stay warm during the cold nights.

Into The Heartland Of India With Museums In Delhi!

Hi all of you, I am Gayatri Chopra, a fashion designer. I am someone who deals with the profession of fashion designing by taking on the cues from nature. The camera which is my constant companion is always used by me, to take candid shots of nature and surroundings which i later use for my work.

Being a real shopaholic I happened to go to Delhi and guess what I discovered-The Best Museums In Delhi. Delhi being a perfect blend of modern and traditional, the first place where one must go is Air Force Museum. It has the best display of planes armory, from Indian air force. It is closed on Monday, Tuesday and the timings are from 10.00 am to 5 PM.

Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum | Image Resource :

The Real Archaeological Exhibits At Museums In Delhi

Within the precincts of Red Fort, the Red Fort Archaeological fort museum is mainly dedicated to Bahadur Shah Zafar. The exhibits range from 1857 war, weapons and the robes with silver and smoking pipes-Hookah’s and also tiles from the 13th century buildings.

Red Fort Archaeological Fort Museum

Red Fort Archaeological Fort Museum | Image Resource :,,,

Something after my heart is the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum. It is here that one finds nice thatched huts; mud walls painted and have the craftsmen and courtyards which give it a typical village look. Timings are from 9.30 to 5 PM and closed on Monday and public holidays.

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Museums In Delhi Are The Reflection Of The Indian Culture

National Rail Museum

National Rail Museum | Image Resource :

The National rail museum is really something which takes one back into the history of railways. The outdoor and indoor displays have a real charming feel. On show since 1977, there are real railway exhibits of nearly a 100 varieties. The major attraction here is the engine of 1853 which made its, journey from Mumbai to Thane.

Collection of Locomotives and Carriages at National Rail Museum

Collection of Locomotives and Carriages at National Rail Museum | Image Resource :

Shankar’s International doll’s museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm, being closed on Mondays and public holidays. A very interesting fact about it is that it was set up by the famous cartoonist, Shankar Pillai.

The best of displays of dolls are present with meticulous research done on the costumes and jewelry from all over the world. The glass cases have 6,500 dolls from nearly 85 countries of the globe. These Museums In Delhi give a real feel good factor about our capital, Delhi and are certainly must visit places.

Check Out Top 3 Amazing Tips For Shopping In Delhi !

Shopping is in my veins, I love to shop almost everything that is related to the roots of India. In fact, anyone who knows me will let you know what sort of a shopaholic I am. From trendy accessories, authentic crafts, stylish clothes and fabulous decorative, nothing escapes my list. So, last time my urge for travelling and shopping took me the heart of India better known as Dill Walo Ka Shaher Delhi. The city is filled with vibrant shopping destinations that left me wondering ‘will I ever stick to my budget!’

However, shopping at this spot taught me one thing- if you are aware about a few things regarding shopping from the crowd then you can shop pretty intelligently out here. So now let’s go on to the three simple tips that I want to share with you when you have plans of shopping in Delhi.

shopping at delhi haat

Shopping at Delhi Haat | Image Resource :

The first and the most important things is planning your budget. There are many wonderful and exquisite products present at the impeccable shopping destinations of Delhi. Hence, here you always have to be careful about your budget so that later you do not become a victim of the shopping guilt. I was pretty strict with my budget and this made me think twice before purchasing any item, like whether I need or not, will it be useful and is it worth the value.

Khan Market Delhi

Khan Market Delhi | Image Resource :

Other than that, be clear about the places from where you are shopping, I recommend the all time favorite Haat (weekly village market) style shopping. So, few places like Delhi Haat, Khan Market, Tibetan Market, Pahargani Market and Janpath Market are something that you must try out. Products are available at pretty cheap rates out here, but you have to be ready to bargain.

Tibetan Market Delhi

Tibetan Market Delhi | Image Resource :

Next, understand what you want to buy. I personally feel that when you know what you want to purchase then you can discover the best market easily. For instance, Surendar Nagar is great for antique lovers, Chandni Chowk is amazing for fabrics or clothes and the Delhi Haat is best known for its craft from across India. So, are you ready to shop? Yes, then rush to these places right away!

Weekend Getaways : The Westin Palace Hotel Madrid

the westin palace hotel madrid

The Westin Palace Hotel Madrid | Image Resource :

The Westin Palace Hotel Madrid : As a fashion designer I always look forward for cultures to influence my designs and The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid was perfect for me. The hotel is actually a 16th century palace converted into a hotel and has pieces of art and historical importance strewn across the mini museum that it houses.