Antoni Gaudi’s Masterpiece : Casa Batllo!

Also called Casa dels Ossos or the House of Bones, Casa Batllo was the final destination of my trip itinerary in Spain. I was excited and gloomy at the same time as I had to leave such a beautiful place. Nevertheless, the experience was more than enough to make the memories of this travel destination stay in my mind forever. I boarded my taxi and went to see this little piece of man-made craft. Casa Batllo is one of the most renowned places in Barcelona. It is a remodel of a previous house redesigned by Antoni Gaudi in 1904. The place has been refurbished several times after the initial renovation. The place is called the House of Bones because of the skeletal organic quality.

The interiors are crafted out of the modernistic method of architecture. It has oval windows, unusual tracery and sculpted flowing stonework. The place is decorated with a musical and colorful mosaic of tinted ceramic tiles. Its roof resembles the back of a dragon with scales all over it. This building was built in 1877 by the architect Gaudi and has a basement, a garden at the back, a ground floor and four other floors.

casa batllo spain

Casa Batllo Spain | Image Resource :

The Batllo family became the owners of this house in the 1900. They brought the house because of its centralized location. It remained their residence for nearly 50 years till 1950. After that a number of refurbishments continued and the place was sometimes given for hire too.

The exterior of the house is as classy and desirable as the interior. Though it looks a little out of the ordinary, yet the aura of this residence makes you drool over the construction artifacts it possesses. It has a Noble Floor that currently houses a museum open to the public. The roof has ceramic tiles and four chimneys. The central front façade of the house gives the impression of the surface of a lake with water lilies.

noble floor and museum in casa batllo spain

Noble Floor and Museum in Casa Batllo Spain | Image Resource :

I enjoyed every part of the house and it filled my trip with a glorious memory. I witnessed marvels in Spain and it was a splendid experience for me. I will remember Spain as a country that taught me the value of tradition and comfort.



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