The Lively Nightlife At Ibiza Islands : Magical And Mesmerizing Places!

To include a bit of spice in my trip, I decided to visit the Ibiza Islands upon suggestion of my hosts at the Nail Bay Resorts. The island is one of the famous Balearic Islands on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The total area of the island is 571 square kilometer making it a vast expanse of land in the surrounding Mediterranean. I felt enthralled on visiting the place.

It had beautiful long beaches and a healthy cover of trees to adorn it. The flora and fauna on the island are mostly native to Spain. The island lies off the coast of the city of Valencia nearly 79 kilometers away in eastern Spain. It took me 3 straight hours to reach the place by a taxi.

ibiza island spain

Ibiza Island Spain | Image Resource :

The main attraction of the island is its rustic lively nightlife. As a majority of European nightclubs have flagged there summer outposts on this island, the nights are joyous and frolicking. Apart from the crowd, the place is a yoga retreat too. Many health clubs and spas are constructed across the length and breadth of the island to provide and promote health. The villages nearby are quiet and live in a simple way.

nightlife of ibiza island spain

Nightlife of Ibiza Island Spain | Image Resource :

The main occupation is fishing and agriculture. The Platja d’en Bossa is an area covered with hotels, shops and bars. It is the major commercial hub of the island. Shops sell everything from daily supplies to sports gear and fishing equipment. Sandy beaches form the nicer and quieter part of the island. The beaches are surrounded by pines and other varieties of trees. The forest cover is dense towards the center of the island making it an ideal spots for camping and adventure activities.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia, San Rafael, Ibiza, Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera and Sant Miquel de Balansat are some of the famous destinations present on the island. I visited each one although not for very long hours. I also trekked with a local group around the island. The island provided a sense of tranquility, adventure and satisfaction in me and it made the trip more enjoyable.


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