Nail Bay Resort : Truly Refreshing And Revitalizing!

To make my stay tantalizing and fresh, I decided to shift to Nail Bay Resorts towards the British Virgin Islands. As I am a budget traveller, I chose the place after a thorough investigation and found it perfect for an ideal way to calm and collect oneself after a tiring tourist day. I had booked with the resort during my stay in the city of Madrid and travelled towards the bay to find it nestled between its three private beaches. It enthused in me a sense of freedom and serenity. I had also chosen the resort because it was just one mile from Gorda Peak National Park. I had visited almost every national park back in India and now I was ready to experience the one in Spain.

nail bay resort

Nail Bay Resort | Image Resource :

Upon reaching the Nail Bay Resort Spanish town, I was escorted by the staff amidst their highly polite mannerisms to my room. The room to my surprise was a haven of luxury and comfort. I instantly felt an attraction towards the place. Inspecting the bathroom, the balcony and the bed, I found extreme happiness by my selection. I had a little smoothie provided by the staff as a complimentary drink and then went to refresh my tired body.

nail bay resort room

Nail Bay Resort Room | Image Resource :

I had a nap and in the evening and was ready for some exclusive cuisines. I wanted to relish each and every dish and all culinary delights of the place and was offered the same by the resort’s hygienic and well maintained restaurants. I had my fill with exotic sea food, West Indian dishes and mouth-watering appetizers and ice-creams. I felt truly and spiritually happy.

restaurant at nail bay resort

Restaurant at Nail Bay Resort | Image Resource :

After eating and entertainment provided at the resort, I visited the beach. The moonlit shore mesmerized me and there can be no enough praises sing about Nature. A walk by the sandy cool beaches made me feel relaxed and complete. The resort looked even pristine at night with shimmering lights and a soft music playing in the background. I watched the dolphins snorkel through the water and the distant hum of sperm-head whales calling out to their shoal. The luxury and majesty of both the Nature and the resort made my trip even more pleasant than before.


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