An Architectural Wonder : The Cordoba Mosque, Spain

The Cordoba Mosque is also called the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. It is a beautiful example of Moorish architecture. Its ecclesiastical name is Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. I decided to visit this place due to its religious understanding. The place was initially a cathedral built by the Visigoths but after Muslim occupation of Spain in 711 A.D. the entire building was divided into Muslim and Christian halves.

the cordoba mosque entrance spain

The Cordoba Mosque Entrance Spain | Image Resource :

The place was later converted to the Grand Mosque of Cordoba but included a Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century. It is a marvel of early architecture. The intermixing of both the Muslim and Christian beliefs as well as forms of art, sculpture and culture has decorated the place with an everlasting beauty. It is primarily located in the district of Diocese of Cordoba on the Iberian Peninsula. It has the status of being the most wonderful Renaissance construction too.

inside view of cordoba mosque spain

Inside View of Cordoba Mosque Spain | Image Resource :

The interior of the cathedral is majestic and awe-inspiring. The columns are incorporated from the Roman architecture and some are in Gothic style too. The decorations are completed by using brass, porphyry, gold, silver, ivory, copper and jasper. The main hall of the mosque as I enquired was made for offering the five main daily prayers in the Muslim community. It was also used for offering the Friday prayer, as school for children, as a center for teaching, for Shariah law cases during the rule of Abd al Rahman and his successors.

The whole area is covered by numerous arches, halls, doors and multiple cathedrals. There are a number of doors extending from the North Façade to the East. Other pieces of exquisite artwork include the Saint James Matamoros statue inside the chapel and the mihrab that was built during the expansion of Alheken II.

The place is a blend of two different forms of traditions living side by side and in harmony. It is one of the best architectural wonders I have ever seen. Even Muhammad Iqbal, the great Pakistani poet-philosopher experienced the deep emotional ties surrounding the place that evoked in him an expression to spread the message of its majestic aura to the world through his poem, “The Mosque of Cordoba”. After a fulfilling experience, I packed for my next destination; Ibiza Island.


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