Palacio Real de Madrid : An Epitome Of Royalty!

The next day was bright and sunny and brought about a change in me. I found myself chirpier than ever and ready to explore the Royal Palace of Madrid. Boarding a taxi, a travelled through the streets of Madrid and reached the seamless beauty of a palace. I came to know that this palace was the official residence of the Royal family of Spain at Madrid but was only used for state ceremonies. The Spanish state owns the palace and is maintained by the authorities for important events that take place in the country. The palace has a floor area of 1,450,000 square feet and has 3418 rooms fully furbished and decorated.

royal palace of madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid | Image Resource :

The inside of the palace boasts of many fine pieces of art and culture. It has interiors crafted from the most expensive and fine elements to make it look exquisite and different from the rest. The furnishings include paintings by many notable artists, porcelain ware, Royal Armory of Madrid, watches, silverware, impeccably designed furniture and the world’s only complete Stradivarius string quintet. The architectural style found in the palace is baroque and classicism. Its construction started in April 1738. The main architect, the first of many was Fillipo Juvarra.

inside royal palace of madrid

Inside Royal Palace of Madrid | Image Resource :

dining room inside the royal palace madrid

Dining Room Inside the Royal Palace Madrid | Image Resource :

Reccared II and Liuva II, Visigoth kings, flanking the arms of Spain are the main statues seen at the top of the palace. Statues of Gothic kings in the Plaza de Oriente, view of Paseo Principal which is a part of Campo del Moro Gardens are the nearby places of the palace. The palace is tastefully decorated from both the outside and the inside.

Taking in all the glory and studying the architecture, I came to realize the depth of its majestic construction. Giaquinto’s fresco above the Grand staircase, Royal Pharmacy, Royal Armory and the Royal Library adorn the ground floor. The palace also hosted the royal wedding banquet of Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz in the central courtyard on 22 May 2004.

Thoroughly engrossed in its ethereal beauty, I did not realize that I had spent five hours at the palace. I quickly packed up and left for El Escorial.


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