Plaza Mayor, Madrid Enthralls The Audience!

The next destination of my tour de Spain was Plaza Mayor. This picturesque plaza was built during the reign of Phillip III. It is the central plaza in Madrid. It is rectangular in shape and surrounded by residential three story buildings with 237 balconies facing the plaza. It has nine entrances. Casa de la Panadería, the Bakery House, conducts major cultural and municipal functions. It is the most dominant area of Plaza Mayor. It was first called “Plaza del Arrabal” but later changed to Plaza Mayor. My visit to this plaza was fulfilled by the facts I came to know about its history and use.

plaza mayor, madrid

Plaza Mayor, Madrid | Image Resource :

casa de la panadería, plaza mayor madrid

Casa de la Panadería, Plaza Mayor Madrid | Image Resource :

bakery house, plaza mayor madrid

Bakery House, Plaza Mayor Madrid | Image Resource :

The main use of this plaza was holding public executions during the rule of the kings. It was also the main arena for bullfights. Those days these fights were considered the main attraction in Spain, and people from the nearby regions specially came to view these horrific fights. Many markets are also constructed under the main porticos of the plaza that serve the tourists as well as the locals. These markets sell flowers, crafts, items of daily use and exotic gifts too.

I brought many souvenirs from the market. It is also supposed to hold football games. Football is the most loved sport in Europe, and we can imagine the humongous crowd cheering teams during those games. The plaza is a beautiful piece of architecture which clearly depicts the art, culture and traditions held by Spain during the rule of monarchs. I clicked many photographs for personal use to add a bit of this beautiful country to my designs. I liked the Plaza and its surroundings. The cleanliness was impeccable and made my heart flutter.

bronze statue of king phillip III in plaza mayor madrid

Bronze Statue of King Phillip III in Plaza Mayor Madrid | Image Resource :

A bronze statue of King Phillip III adorns the center of the square that was created by Jean Boulogne and Pietro Taccan in 1616. It also has painted facades making the plaza look more beautiful. I relished on many dishes provided by the eateries nearby and will never forget the impact this place had on me. I called it a day and travelled back to the hotel to rest and start afresh the next morning.


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