Soaring The Skies From Delhi To Spain With Etihad Airways!

Being an adventure enthusiast, I have always wanted to spice up my life by touring wildlife sanctuaries across India and clicking photographs to make memories. During my previous holidays, I decided to visit Spain mesmerized by its exceptional beauty on the internet.

I am a fashion designer and knowing a little about customs and culture in Spain greatly instigated me to travel to the place and see for myself the exquisite traditions that adorn the people there. It would help me in the most definite way to customize my creations in a little Spanish way. Nevertheless, once this idea made a home inside my head, I looked forward to all the travel work to follow!

I booked online with Etihad Airways. I had heard about this airline agency by my colleagues, so I decided to try its services. Etihad Airlines is a UAE based airline that operates in the Indian subcontinent, the Mediterranean and the entire Middle East including the South Asian countries. My flight would leave at 5 am in the morning for Dubai and then after refueling and necessary checkups we would take our journey forward to Spain. I was excited as I began packing and could not control my urge to stop the pangs of adventure that bubbled inside.

etihad airways economy class

Etihad Airways Economy Class | Image Resource :

inflight meal etihad airways economy class

Inflight Meal Etihad Airways Economy Class | Image Resource :

It was truly a luxurious airline, and I confided in myself that the start of my trip was satisfying. After refueling at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, we flew to Madrid’s Barajas Airport. I debarked, collected luggage and hired a taxi to my hotel with my mobile travel app. I felt elated on reaching the city of my passion: Madrid.

madrid’s barajas airport

Madrid’s Barajas Airport | Image Resource :


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