Tasty and Scrumptious Chole Bhature Made Easy With My Quick Recipe

Do you know how easy yet fulfilling cooking our traditional food can be? That’s right! Even when you are away from your home you can cook the amazing delicacies in its true flavors, just like your mother used to make.

I can say this confidently because my extraordinary journey of being an enthusiastic traveler, fashion designer and home food lover taught me that cooking can be a piece cake only when you are aware about the right technique and perfect flavor. Let me introduce myself, I am Gayatri Chopra here, to share my ideas and thoughts with you!

Well, with that thought I would like to share the ultimate delicious recipe which is quite close to my heart. It is the one and only Punjabi favorite “Chole Bhature” with my ghar ka khanna twist! The recipe is pretty simple to follow and the ingredients that are used in can be found easily.

Now, let’s start with the recipe. It is a quick recipe with only two amazing elements, one is the Bhature, the other is Chole or chickpea curry. I really love making the crispy and round Bhature for my Sunday Brunch. To do this, all I do is mix the all purpose flour with baking powder, yoghurt, oil and baking powder and then knead it well with warm water. Once the dough is done, I divide it into small roundels and flatten them in circular shape. After that I deep fry them to crispy brown in about 250ml of vegetable oil.

For making the Chole, I use chickpeas (chole) boiled with tea bags, cumin powder, ginger garlic paste, tomato, oil, chili powder coriander powder, black pepper corns, bay leaves, dry chilies, cinnamon stick, black or green cardamom, and few cloves.

First, I dry roast the spices in a pan for about 2-3 minutes, I’m quite careful with this process as if the pan is too hot then you will probably burn all the flavors from the spices. Then, I make a fine powder out the roasted spices, which is the Masala for the Chole, and this smell truly reminds me of my home.

Next step, I heat a heavy bottom pan and then I add about 3-4tsp of oil to it, just like my mom used to do. When the oil is nice and hot I add the onions and fry them till they are golden brown, after that the ginger garlic paste and then the tomatoes. Finally, I sauté for about 15 minutes…At last, I add the boiled chickpeas to the mixture along with one cup of water and leave it to cook for 10 more minutes.

chole bhature

Chole Bhature | Image Resource : mapsofindia.com

My hard work finally paid off the last time when I tasted the dish. Just the bite of Bhature made me nostalgic, and I can surely say that if you are a big fan of tasty food like me then this recipe is something that you should try.


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