A Visit to the Massive London Zoo, One of the Biggest In the World

We were feeling a bit sad that we were coming to the end of the exciting moments and because we had to begin our work from the next day. The last destination in our list was the London Zoo. I had been waiting for this destination ever since I landed in London because I have always been an ardent fan of national parks, zoos and other such protected areas. I am an avid lover of nature and animals and believe that a trip devoid of any such park or zoo is always incomplete.

I was completely ready with my SLR as I never miss out the opportunity to capture nature in its raw form. It is said to be the oldest scientific zoo in the world and came into existence in the year 1828 in the month of April. It was initially created in order to use it as a means of scientific study. But the government decided to open it for the general public in 1847.

london zoo

London Zoo | Image Resource : flickr.com

It opens at 10:00 in the morning and closes down at around 5:30 in the evening depending on the season. We had to pay a sum of £27 each in order to enter the zoo. I knew that it houses more than 800 different species of animals. The total collection of the zoo stands at 19,178 and is also known as Regent’s Zoo.

The responsibility of managing the affairs of the zoo goes to the Zoological Society of London which was established in the year 1826. The local people even had the option to adopt animals. The entire zoo is divided into different types of zones depending on the type of animals kept.

Some of these include Gorilla Kingdom, The Mappin Terraces, The Aquarium, Rainforest Life and Nightlife, Tiger Territory, The Reptile House, Komodo Dragons, Giants of the Galapagos, Animal Adventure, Penguin Beach, Meet the Monkeys, Butterfly Paradise, Snowdon Aviary, Blackburn Pavilion and many others.

The zoo was so huge that it was almost impossible to finish exploring the entire zoo carefully in a period of two to three hours. We tried to explore the maximum number of rare and unique creatures and captured them with my camera.


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