The Beauty of London Bridge – A Captivating and Panoramic view

From the St. Paul’s Cathedral, we headed straight towards our next destination which was the London Bridge. I was overwhelmingly excited for finally having the opportunity to see the widely popular London Bridge right in front of my eyes. I have seen pictures of the bridge in broad daylight or under the artificial lights and simply dreamt of visiting the place. The term London Bridge actually represents the number of bridges that have existed over the River Thames in order to connect the City of London with Southwark in the central part of London, for centuries.

The bridge in its present form is a box girder type of bridge which has been prepared using a combination of steel and concrete. It was opened for the common public from the year 1973. Prior to that, there was a stone arched type of bridge which was constructed during the 19th century. It was preceded by a bridge which stood proudly for more than 600 years since the medieval period. I also came to know that there were a number of bridges which were made of timber; the first one of them was built by the Romans who had founded the city of London.

london bridge

London Bridge | Image Resource :

The famous London Bridge has played a great role in shaping art and culture throughout ages and was the only possible way for crossing the Thames before the opening of the Putney Bridge in the year 1729. We came to know that it an independent charity named Bridge House Estates currently owns and maintains the bridge.

The charity organization in turn is looked after by the City of London Corporation. The A3 road passes over the bridge and is looked after by the Greater London Authority. We could also spot a crossing along an area between Tower Bridge and London Bridge which has been developed as a vital district for business improvement.

The credit for designing the present form of the London Bridge goes to architect Lord Holdford along with engineers Hay, Anderson and Mott. We also learned that it was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973 after contractors Co and John Mowlem constructed it between 1967 and 1972.



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