Chiswick Moran Hotel London – Ideal for Leisure and Business

We landed at the London Heathrow Airport at around 8:00 in the evening and were left spellbound with the exquisiteness of the entire area. It was equipped with all the modern amenities that one can hardly imagine. The massiveness of the airport combined with the high tech facilities and the spectacular architecture left all of us gazing.

After exploring the airport for a while, we realized that it was already too dark and the weather was getting colder. We had already changed in our winter clothes and boarded a taxi in order to reach our hotel which had been previously booked by the firm I was working for. It was the Chiswick Moran Hotel London and we reached at the destination pretty quickly.

chiswick moran hotel london

Chiswick Moran Hotel London | Image Resource :

On our way to the hotel, we got to view some extremely tall structures along with some of the buildings one could imagine only in the dream. The city of London is so well organized and beautifully crafted that you would simply long to stay here forever. Till date, I had only seen pictures of this beautiful city over the internet and I still couldn’t believe that I was standing there. I have been to some extremely famous cities across the globe but the charm and elegance of London is hard to find.

The Chiswick Moran Hotel is named after its location i.e. the Chiswick neighbourhood and is extremely close to the Kew Palace, Royal Botanic Gardens and Chiswick Park. We also knew that the hotel was close to some other places of tourist attraction such as the Hammersmith Apollo and Griffin Park Stadium.

The staff members of the hotel were extremely cordial and friendly and greeted us in traditional Indian style. All four of us were extremely tired due to the jet lag and so we headed straight to our room.

We had booked a deluxe hotel since all four of us wanted to stay together. It was a massive sized room with an area of around 30 sq. metres. It was equipped with a huge king bed along with 2 single beds. Since I needed some personal space, I decided to sleep on one of the single beds.


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