The London Eye London- A Splendidly Crafted Giant Sized Ferries Wheel

We had another night of solid sleep inside the hotel and got up early because we didn’t want to miss out a single moment in exploring some of the most renowned destinations in the world. After taking our baths, we decided to have dinner and then leave for the remaining destinations. The first site that we visited that day was The London Eye. It is something which the CM of West Bengal, Miss Mamata Banerjee had wished to recreate in a smaller scale in Kolkata.

It is a giant sized Ferris wheel located on the southern bank of the famous River Thames. It is also famous as the giant sized Millennium Wheel. The official name of the London Eye has been varying ever since its foundation. Initially it was the British Airways London Eye, then it was changed to Merlin Entertainments London Eye and then to EDF Energy London Eye. In its current form, it has been officially branded by the name Coca Cola London Eye according to an agreement made in 2014. We came to know that the wheel has a radius of 60 metres with the entire structure having a height of 135 metres.

The London Eye London

The London Eye London | Image Resource :

At the time of its erection in the year 1999, it had the record of being the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world. But it was beaten by the Star of Nanchang in 2006 with its height of 160m, by Singapore Flyer in 2008 with a height of 165m and finally by High Roller in Las Vegas in 2014 with a height of 167.6m. Experts around the world term the London Eye as the globe’s tallest cantilevered wheel open for the public.

The most surprising thing about the Wheel is that unlike the wheels in Singapore and Nachang, it has an A shaped frame only on one side. The credits for the architecture of the London Eye go to David Marks, Julia Barfield, Malcolm Cook, Frank Anatole, Mark Sparrowhawk, Steve Chilton and Nic Bailey. The local members told us that the Wheel holds the credit for attracting the highest number of tourists in the country.

View from the London Eye

View from the London Eye | Image Resource :


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