Big Ben London- A Symbol of Pride for Britain

After the exploring the magnificent state rooms, lush green gardens and the royal treatment at the Buckingham Palace, we proceeded towards our next destination which was Big Ben London. All four of us were extremely excited to be in the city as the weather was extremely cool and pleasant.

There were hardly any people compared to what we are used to seeing in India. Big Ben is actually a nickname for the Great Bell which hangs under the big clock at the northern part of the Palace of Westminster. It is generally used for referring to the clock tower or simply the clock.

Big Ben London

Big Ben London | Image Resource :

In reaching the place, we came to know an unknown fact i.e. the official name of the tower is Elizabeth Tower. It was named as such in order to celebrate the 25 years of completion of Elizabeth II. Before 2012, it was officially known as Clock Tower. It has the record for housing the second biggest chiming clock having four faces. The one in Minneapolis City Hall is the largest across the globe. It came into existence in the year 1858 and the 150th anniversary was celebrated in grand style in the month of May in 2009.

There is no doubt about the fact that it falls in the list of the most prominent monuments representing the pride and royalty of the country. We have also seen many films in which the Big Ben has been used to make the background more beautiful. We came to know that it was Augustus Pugin who had designed the clock and its dials.

The dials are placed inside frame made of iron and having a diameter of 7 m. It supports more than 300 pieces made of opal glass just like a stained window of glass. One of the locals told me that the inspection of the hands of the clock had forced the removal of a number of glass pieces. The dials produce a sound which is gilded. It was already getting dark and we decided to return to our hotel. But before that we had our dinner at one of the lavish restaurants.


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