Magnificence of Buckingham Palace London Will Leave You Amazed

The next destination in our list was the Buckingham Palace which was another place I had dreamt of visiting since my childhood. I can still remember that I had created a model of this palace as a part of my Geography project when I was in class 9. It is considered to be the major work site for the monarchy of the country. It is used as the official London Residence for the queen and is used for receiving and entertaining guests on behalf of the Royal Family.

One of the members of the palace told us that the palace came into existence as a townhouse in the year 1705 when it was used mainly for the Duke of Birmingham. It is located in what is known as the City of Westminster in between St. Jame’s Park, Hyde Park and The Green Park.

We knew that it is mostly used as the central building at the time of national occasions for displaying royal hospitality. We were lucky that we had visited in the month of August when the state rooms remain open due to the Summer Opening of the Palace. It is during this period of time in the year that the Queen visits the Balmoral.

buckingham palace london

Buckingham Palace London | Image Resource :

We had booked our tickets to the state rooms online as there is scope for the entry of only a few people each day. We were simply spell bound by what we saw on entering the palace. The lush green gardens were decorated magnificently with some of the most exclusive plants and trees found in the world. The ballroom is a must visit place, especially if you are a big fan of music and dance.

Then there are 19 state rooms with each one equipped some of the most extraordinary facilities of the world. The furniture inside the state rooms were made from finest material found in England and Britain. The paintings on the walls are bound to leave you amazed. The designs inside the palace consist of 19th century styled architecture such as widespread presence of scagliola in bright colours and lapis in pink and blue.


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