Englischer Garten : A Refreshing Trip through the Meadows

The Englischer Garten is among the biggest gardens in the world. It is open to the public throughout the year and is spread across a mammoth 3.7 km squares. The name simply translates into the English Garden and is called so because of its English designer Count Rumford or Sir Benjamin Thompson.

Benjamin Thompson was a British inventor and designer extremely popular for the gardens and facades that he designed all around Europe. The rich use of technology for the developed of many features is clearly visible is all works of Count Rumford including the Englischer Garten which was by far the biggest project undertaken by him.

englischer garten

Englischer Garten | Image Resource : theglobalnomadshopper.com

The Englischer Garten has many features including the Eisbach which I visited in the first part of my trip to Munich. In my trip to the Englischer Garten the first thing I saw was the beautiful monument in the center of the park dedicated to its founder Count Rumford. After this I visited the Chinese tower which is 80 feet high and is made completely out of wood. A similar structure has been built in London known as the Great Pagoda. The Pagoda has been the major inspiration behind its design.

chinese tower in englischer garten

Chinese tower in Englischer Garten | Image Resource : virtualtourist.com

The Japanese Tea House serves some of the best Tea in entire Europe and the experience is even better in the winters when the Englischer Garten is snow covered. The Tea House is located as an island in a pond. The next item on my visit was the beautiful Monopteros temple. The temple was built to worship the Roman God Apollo.

japanese tea house in englischer garten

Japanese Tea House in Englischer Garten | Image Resource : twitter.com

The view of the temple during the night with lighting is mind blowing. Other features include the waterfall built in 1815 and the Kleinhesseloher See or the Kleinhesseloher Lake which is a shallow body of water with a beautiful bank. The view is spectacular during the autumn with yellow leaves spread along the bank.

monopteros temple in englischer garten

Monopteros Temple in Englischer Garten | Image Resource : likealocalguide.com

My visit to the Englischer Garten summed up my beautiful trip to the city of Munich where I saw both Arts and Science in their full glory. The German people were most hospitable quite similar to Indians in this regard but if there is one lesson we must learn from them then it has to be nationalism and enterprise.


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