The Schleissheim Palace : A Royal Retreat

The Schleissheim Palace is one of the most popular palaces in Europe and has been a heritage site for more than a century now. The premises are extremely popular amongst tourists because of the beautiful architecture and pleasant scenic beauty. The scenes all around the palace premises are just exquisite.

Although I have travelled to a number of famous palaces on this trip I will rate the Schleissheim Palace among the best just because of the natural beauty that it has been built into. The place still serves as the summer recluse for the Bavarian Royal Family and hence is restricted for visitors during that time.

schleissheim palace

Schleissheim Palace | Image Resource :

The Bavarian Empire was a highly successful one till the late 19th century revolutions and hence the palaces built before these times are not only elegant but extravagant. The people of Bavaria appreciated art and so did the royal family. The Schleissheim Palace thus serves as a huge collection of art and literature from the golden ages of European culture. A lot of nationalistic feelings are also attached with the Schleissheim Palace because the palace was at the center stage of political activity during the major part of the revolution and even during the World Wars.

schleissheim palace hall

Schleissheim Palace Hall | Image Resource :

The Schleissheim Palace is actually a collection of three independent palaces built on three corners of a large piece of land in the countryside of Munich. The location amongst meadows and tall trees made my visit a rejuvenating one. The old and new Schleissheim Palaces lie to the east and west and the south facing Lustheim Palace is the third palace located centrally.

lustheim palace

Lustheim Palace | Image Resource :

The Schleissheim Palaces are also hugely popular amongst tourists for their gardens and facades. The facades have beautiful arrangements of fountains and the central fountain which is located in front of the Canal is especially charming. The view of the Lustheim Palace is particularly beautiful in the moonlight as it stands facing the central facade the central canal. The Nymphenburg Palace also draws water from this central canal for its fountains and facades. This trip to the Schleissheim Palace was really a royal retreat for my trip to Munich, Germany.


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