The Glory of German Science at Duetsches Museum

If one had to select one gift of the German civilization to mankind then it will have to German science and engineering. The industrial revolution did at first begin in Britain but the full potential of science and machines for the welfare of mankind was realised here in Germany.

German science has gone through the phases of constructiveness and destructiveness. In the early 18th century German science was all about development of mankind and welfare but during the days of the war unfortunately many great minds had to engage in the use of science for the destruction of mankind itself.

deutsches museum

Duetsches Museum | Image Resource :

The era of the war is long over now and the new Germany is all about research and development. The Duetsches Museum simply stands for the German Museum but don’t get misled by the simplicity of its name. The German Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology is the world’s largest museum of science and technology. It stands tall at the center of Munich on its first street. The museum was established in 1903 by the renowned German Electrical Engineer Oskar Von Miller.

Today the building houses close to 30,000 artefacts cutting across 50 trades of science and technology. The people of Germany are extremely proud of the Duetsches Museum as it is the symbol of German development and leadership globally.

sailing yacht models in the deutsche museum

Sailing yacht models in the Deutsche Museum | Image Resource :

Around 1.5 million people visit the Duetsches Museum annually which is an unimaginably large number compared to any other Museum in Europe and is even more astonishing considering that the Duetsches Museum is a science and technology collection and does not have the common collection of mummies and religious relics which are generally popular amongst the general public.

The permanent exhibits include a variety of schemes including astronomy, geology, and electrical engineering and of course power distribution systems which were the trade of its founder engineer Miller. The showcases on natural history, man-made satellites, and road and rail networks are also widely popular. My favourite part of the museum had to be the display of Glass Engineering which included various art pieces developed my moulding molten glass. The detailing was exquisite and unbelievable.


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