Munich Residenz : The Seat of the Royalty

The Munich Residenz is the single largest and most complex museum in all of Germany. It has a long heritage and is among the most coveted pieces of not only the German history but of European and World heritage.

The Palace has been well-preserved and was the permanent residence of hundreds of Bavarian government officials including royal dukes, electors and even kings. The glory of the Munich Residenz was at its peak during the post renaissance period that is in between the late 17th century and the early 19th century. The 20th century saw revolution and a constant decline in the power of monarchy which finally led to the evacuation of the Residenz in 1918.

munich residenz

Munich Residenz | Image Resource :

The Munich Residenz remained the seat of the Bavarian Government and royalty for 400 years between 1508 and 1918.  The origins of the palace can be traced back to as far as 1385. The palace is standing witness of a major part of the history of the Bavarian Empire itself and hence a major part of German and European history.

inside munich residenz

Inside Munich Residenz | Image Resource :

The Bavarian empire excelled not only in military conquests but also in the arts and the sciences. The people of Germany still draw inspiration from the golden days when the Bavarian Empire in all its glory stood tall as the leader of the world. What began as a simple citadel in a corner of Munich became a large palace running into large parts of the city.

Its magnificent gardens are the most attractive features of the palace premises. The neo-classical architecture is also worth studying but what captures the imagination the most is the huge collection of artefacts, relics and paintings. The collection encompasses almost all phases of modern European history and showcases the past glory and might of the Bavarian empire. Very much like the Nymphenburg palace the central fresco is decorated with unimaginably detailed paintings.

bavarian king's and queen's crowns and royal regalia of bavaria at royal residenz treasury munich

Bavarian King’s and Queen’s Crowns and Royal Regalia of Bavaria at Royal Residenz Treasury Munich | Image Resource :

The architecture of the Munich Residenz has attracted the general public and experts alike. People have come in huge numbers to see this magnificent part of history since the day it was dedicated to the public in 1932. The Residenz museum, gardens and lakes have been well preserved and attract tourists all around the year.


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