BMW World : A View of the Modern Munich

BMW is among the oldest and leading producers of luxury cars in the world. The technology used by BMW has always inspired the automobile industry. The thriving force of the enterprise is modernisation for customer satisfaction. On my visit to Munich I wanted to visit the BMW World not just because I am an automobile fan but also because of the unique architecture and design of the BMW world enclave. The facility is not just an outlet for the best BMW cars in the market but also is regularly used to hold conferences, seminars and launch events.

I planned my trip on the eve of one such exhibition and launch event. Not only did this event showcase a number of new fuel efficient hybrid models but also a number of vintage cars were in display for the public. These were never before seen designs some of which were only produced as test models and never hit the roads.

bmw world munich

BMW World Munich | Image Resource :

The beautiful journey of BMW and the automobile technology on the whole could be seen through this showcase of vintage vehicles. The people of Germany are just mad about their machines and nobody produces mean machines like BMW does and hence it has become the leader of the automobile industry in Europe. The brand has gained great popularity in India these days.

The era of Hybrid fuel efficient vehicles is here. In India it is quite difficult to find anything better than an electric car in the name of hybrid/non-conventional fuel vehicles. Europe is on the other hand swiftly realising that fossil fuel have already reached the tipping point of their production and their supply can only decline from here. To reduce surplus pressure on conventional fuels like petroleum, hybrid vehicles must be popularised.

I saw a new fuel cell based BMW hybrid luxury car. It is quite astonishing to see a hybrid luxury car. Non-conventional fuel based engines often compromise on power but BMW has developed path breaking technology breaking this barrier. Unlimited potential thus exists in this field. The night view of the BMW World was just breathtaking. The combination of Blue lights and the night sky was just exuberant. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the BMW World.


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