Eisbach : The Ice Brook of Adventure

The Eisbach simply translates into the ice brook. The Eisbach has been a symbol of German engineering genius and its expertise in unique infrastructure development. The people of Munich have always loved the Eisbach but it has often fallen into controversy given its strong streams. Many adventure activities like surfing and canoeing are possible in this 2 kilometres long branch of the Isar River. The man made river flows through the hugely popular Englischer Garten which is a public garden open seven days a week for the public.

I am an adventure lover although not so much of a surfer. I decided to see the Eisbach in order to witness the several meters high standing wave on the river. The wave is perfect for surfing because unlike a natural sea wave or river wave which is progressive in nature and hence transient, this is a standing, unchanging wave.

eisbach munich

Eisbach Munich | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

One can ride the tide as long as one can maintain his/her balance. Although it was quite clear from the signs put up beside the Eisbach that surfing on this wave is only advised for experts and experienced surfers. The major reason for the dangers associated with surfing in the Eisbach can be related to the shallowness of the stream. The stream is at an average 40 cm or ½ metre deep, making the surf highly challenging.

Other adventure activities that I witnessed on the Eisbach included a kayaking competition and a rafting event. I was just enthralled to see the rage of the river. The speed of the stream can reach close to 5m/s which is around 18 km/hr. The Isar River also has extremely cold water and hence the Eisbach becomes an urban recluse during the summers. Even though swimming is not allowed according to the regulations but this is not strictly imposed given the huge popularity of the Eisbach.

The Englischer Garten is also extremely charming. The collection of flowers is rejuvenating and delightful. I spent around two hours resting in the shade at the Englischer Garten and found myself at peace. This is what I call pure leisure.


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