Flying with Lufthansa : the Beginnings of a truly German Experience

Lufthansa Airlines is the leading airline in the world in terms of fleet size, number of flights and quality of the overall flying experience. I generally do not go for luxury international trips but this time I decided to yield to my desires and let my budget a little loose. I decided to visit Germany. Germany has attracted me since my childhood days by its sheer glory and extravagance. I had only heard about the efficiency of German machines and workforce but my Delhi to Munich flight by Lufthansa Airlines was a perfect German Experience.

When I decided to travel to Germany, I chose the city of Munich over other popular cities like Berlin and Frankfurt because I am an admirer of design and art whether it is natural or man-made. The Munich holiday package included a number of trips to historical palaces and gardens known around the world for their exuberance and artistic genius. I chose a Munich package after thoroughly combing through the internet and looking into every possible option. I considered Travel websites, packages from hotels and resorts in Munich and holiday packages offered by airlines.

Air travel has made the world a very small place these days. Especially, airlines like Lufthansa have established a web of flights around the world with its subsidiaries which has made air travel quick and easy. I boarded on Flight 763 of the Lufthansa Airlines at 12:50 am in the night from the terminal 3 which is the newly built international terminal at Indira Gandhi International Airport. The Lufthansa flight was a Boeing 787 and even economy class fabrication was luxuries to say the least. The flight cost me Rs. 23,395 and meals were complementary with the ticket.

lufthansa airlines

Lufthansa Airlines | Image Resource :

munich international airport

Munich International Airport | Image Resource :

I reached the Munich International Airport at 5:35 in the morning (local time) and the fresh air of the city captured my imagination. I never thought that a busy city like Munich would be so fresh and natural. The city offers inspiration irrespective of where you look and what you do. Everything from a simple church and restaurant to the small children making their way to schools had a stamp of conviction and vividness.


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