Keys Of Fashion Design – Elements And Principles

Fashion designing is raising high with the increased interest of people towards presentation and style. A fashion designer works on various elements and principle that are integral part of his/her profession and greatly determines the end result. In total, there are five principles and four elements that are incorporated in a design and their cohesive utilization develops an adoring and attractive design.

The five principles are
1. emphasis
2. rhythm
3. unit
4. balance and scale
5. Proportion.

The four different elements are texture, color line and Form. Principles can be considered as direction for a design and elements are ingredients to achieve these principles. Let’s elaborate them a little for better understanding.

elements and principles

Elements And Principles of Fashion Design | Image Resource :

Emphasis and Color
Emphasis is the principle that is the eye-catching part of a design. Mostly, the element of color is used to achieve this principle. Use of contrasting and bright colors can impart a liveliness and charm to a design. Thus colors can produce a lot of emphasis.

Rhythm is a principle that refers to repetition. It could be repetition or same pattern, shape, lines or colors to make the design. We can see this in many fashion shows where designers try to follow a rhythm to depict sync in all their designs.

Texture is represented by the fabric used. It will not only give a feel to the skin, but will also drape in a specific manner. Each texture has its unique quality

Proportion, Scale and Balance
Proportion of a design plays an important role to achieve a balance. It’s the proportion; which may be symmetrical or asymmetrical; that decides how the design and the person donning it finally look.

This refers to the outline of a design. Many items and accessories can be used to impart lines to a design. The most common type that everyone must be aware of is the ‘A’ line

This principle ensures that all the elements of the design are in sync and harmony. It gives a sense of completeness to an outfit

Shape and Form
This is the visual element and probably the first thing that is noticed about ant design.


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