Water Church (Wasserkirche) Zurich – An Isle of Peace and Myth!

When I was still wet behind the ears, churches only meant for having dream weddings. It only when I became adult (and independent!) and started traveling around the world, I came to learn that every ancient church is a symbol of terrific architectural beauty and emits an aura. The Water Church (Wasserkirche) Zurich was one such church, which will forever be etched in my memory!

On a beautiful Tuesday morning my friend and I started off towards Wasserkirche. We reached there sharp at 9.00 am. The church remains open on Tuesdays from 9.00am-12.00 am. From Wednesday- Fridays, it keeps its gate ajar from 2.00pm-5.00 pm and Saturdays/Sundays witness opening hours from 12.00pm-17.00pm. On Mondays, this church remains closed.

Constructed on a small island residing on the shore of river Limmat, Water Church’s history was dated as far as 10th century. I am not a history buff but the fashion designer inside me has developed a knack for spotting beauty in unexpected places and what’s better than a pre-medieval era church?

water church (wasserkirche) zurich

Water Church (Wasserkirche) Zurich | Image Resource : flickr.com

In any church, the mesmerizing stained-glass windows are the ones that catch my attention all the time. Wasserkirche was no exception. Decorated by master artist Augusto Giacometti, the beauties of these glass windows blew my mind completely away. On the other hand my friend was hooked to the legend of Felix and Regula that is associated with Water Church.

Felix and Regula were siblings who honored with sainthood, once they were decapitated during Theban legion. Though the word ‘decapitation’ initially repulsed my mind, the warm love story between Felix and Regula melted my heart. Apart from that, it was the ‘crypt’ area of the church which was situated under-ground took my breath away. It was haunting and the ‘said’ site of the execution of Felix and Regula.

fountain at the entrance of the water church

Fountain at the entrance of the Water Church | Image Resource : shrutika123.tumblr.com

The information desk inside the church premise was attended by a helpful lady and she provided us with many brochures about the history of the church.

We spent almost an hour inside the church and once we stepped out, the clear azure sky and the cool breezes welcomed us back and made the whole journey to Wasserkirche an ideal one.


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