Zurich Toy Museum – Re-living the Childhood Memories

Toys always bring back the fondest memories of my childhood. The Zurich Toy Museum again helped me to re-live my golden days and ignited a wish- may be in future, when I will feel satiated with designing clothes and shall be on the look-out for channeling my creativity in newer avenues, I will take up toy designing. On the other hand, my best friend reluctant at first to visit the Zurich Toy Museum but it was my persistent cajoling that made her give in at last!

From Mondays-Fridays the museum keeps its gate open from 2.00 pm-5.00pm. On the other hand, Saturdays maintains the opening hours from 1.00 pm-4.00pm. After checking our itinerary for few times, we zeroed upon Saturday afternoon slot. Zurich Toy Museum is situated at Fortunastrasse which is the oldest part of Zurich. We got off at Rennweg tram station and from there; the museum was at a walking distance. When we reached there, the budget traveler inside me whistled in joy as the entrance fee was a nominal amount of CHF 4 per person.

zurich toy museum

Zurich Toy Museum | Image Resource : gotrotting.com

The catch line of Zurich Toy Museum was ‘small yet refined’ and once you entered into the premise, you would feel it literally. The tiny museum was located in the fifth floor of an old building. There were stairs and there was an elevator. While my friend insisted on climbing up the stairs to compensate the lack of exercise, I again coaxed her to take the elevator. The reception staffs were very friendly and welcomed us with a smile.

A guided tour followed and I was completely stunned to see the vast collection of toys- from toy soldiers to the dolls that inspired ‘Barbie’, toy trains, and toy match boxes, doll’s houses collection from 18th-20th century- how I wished I could be again a girl of seven all at once! There were also some very pretty photographs of Zurich’s scenic beauty which my photographer’s eyes appreciated a lot!

We spent only an hour in Zurich Toy Museum as there was not much else to see, but I will always cherish that one hour and the vivid images of cute dolls, in my memory.


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