Belvoir Park Zurich – Falling in Love with Nature Again

Whenever I visit a place, I make it a point to visit at least the most prominent park the city presents itself. When we stepped into Zurich, I became quite restless to visit the Belvoir Park as I had read lots of wonderful things about it in various travel blogs. Also I needed some time to spend in close contact with my first love (even before fashion designing) and i.e. nature. I was thankful to my friend as she also agreed upon to spend a considerable time out of our tight schedule, to visit only a park.

Situated at the downtown Zurich, Belvoir Park was completely aloof of the hullabaloo that was taking place outside of the park. The nearest train station was Langstrasse and we reached there in the most hassle-free way possible.

But that was not the sole reason for which we fell in love with this park instantly. The USP of Belvoir Park for us lied with its peaceful co-existence with Lake Zurich. The breath-taking view was enough to make my head spinning with happiness. We went there close to noon. The best thing was that there was no entrance fee and I have no shame in admitting that that’s why I love parks and gardens as they go easy on the pocket!

belvoir park zurich

Belvoir Park Zurich | Image Resource :

The park was full of flower beds, ponds, pergolas, exotic plants and large shady trees. We took a walk for an hour but still there was so much more flowers and plant left to see. Obviously it is the most expansive park of Zurich, so we didn’t expect that we could manage to see it at one go. There were many fine-looking, ancient houses inside the park and so were there benches. A huge pond full of fish was there expanding the whole middle and eastern range. We had a gala time feeding the fish with bread crumbs that we had inside our backpack.

sculptures in the belvoir park

Sculptures in the Belvoir Park | Image Resource :

Once we were done with sightseeing, we entered into the iconic Belvoir restaurant that is located at the middle of the park. Two mugs of hot chocolate brought the perfect and sweetest closure to our unforgettable trip to Belvoir Park.


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