Hotel Alexander Zurich – An Old World Charm Re-Visited

Before our Zurich trip, I discussed it thoroughly with my friend regarding what type of hotel we would stay in Zurich. Firstly, our budget was really tight and secondly both of us intended to stay at outdoor most of the time so we needed a hotel only for sleeping through the nights, having break-fasts in the mornings and taking showers. Thanks to our favorite hotel search app, we landed at the page of Hotel Alexander in Zurich and the description and the charge met our expectations to the T.

hotel alexander zurich

Hotel Alexander Zurich | Image Resource :

The Soiree with Hotel Alexander Proved Excellent

What really blew our minds off about Hotel Alexander Zurich at first sight was its excellent location. Being a gang of only two women, we preferred to stay in a secured hotel that must be located within the city of Zurich. Hotel Alexander not only was situated at the heart of Canton of Zurich, it was only a 5-minute walk from the main railway station of the city.

Hotel Alexander itself was a visual delight, especially in my eyes, as I love buildings that still retained their old world charm and originality. Upon entering inside, we were greeted with warm smile and impeccable hospitability of the hotel’s front desk staff. They surprised us with their impeccable English!

We had already booked a double bed room and the tariff was at par our expectations. The room was small and well furnished along with amenities like clean towels and bed sheets, nice heating arrangement and air-conditioning system, free Wi-Fi etc. The modernly decorated toilet with fluffy, clean towels and a shower in excellent order, along with essential toiletries, put our minds at ease.

hotel alexander bedroom view

Hotel Alexander Bedroom View | Image Resource :

Every morning in Hotel Alexander, we were greeted with a lavish break-fast tray for two that made us almost jump into joy. Our room had a front view of the road but the serenity of the atmosphere never made it a noisy one. The hotel had a car parking space with a reasonable charge.

Now whenever I look back to our trip to Zurich with lots of fondness, I thank the authority of Hotel Alexander for making our trip all the more lovely.


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