Urania Observatory Zurich Places You Literally On The Cloud Nine!

Whenever I hit a new place, it became my favorite game to climb up to the highest point inside the city and capture the moment in my SLR. Before our Zurich trip, I did a quick research on Google and found out that to get the best view of Zurich; there was no better place than Panorama observatory.

Though I love nature that doesn’t mean that I don’t watch what is there above! I am quite interested about stars and other celestial bodies just like my friend-cum-travel buddy. We were really kicked up by knowing initially that Urania Observatory hosts a 90-minute duration guided tour of stars and moons and planets but later got quite dismayed about knowing that- the whole narration would be in German. A narrative in English could only be organized for a private group tour. After much deliberation, we decided to give up the plan and stuck to our day-tour of the observatory.

urania observatory zurich

Urania Observatory Zurich | Image Resource : eventseeker.com

One sunny morning we headed towards the Urania Observatory. At the central part of Zurich, this observatory is located in Uraniastrasse. We got off from Rennweg station and with the help of the map, got the way in front of the building. Later we discovered the hidden entrance in the courtyard.

Built in 1907, Uranaia Observatory is one of the oldest ones in the world and its exterior was the proof of that. We got to the top and found a quaint, nice bar called Jules Verne out there. From the bar and with a glass of wine each; we also got a fresh and scenic view of Alps, Lake Zurich and the whole city, which was totally unforgettable.

At last I got over the grief of not going to the observatory at night. The location of Uranian observatory was strategically next to the main road and I had quite a doubt that how good it would be to watch the celestial bodies at night from there!

The only sadness I felt of not getting to see the ancient 20 ton telescope the observatory houses! But once we stepped out of the building, I quietly consoled myself that- better luck next time!


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