Swiss National Museum Zurich Captured the Fascinating Past of Switzerland

As a fashion designer, I look out for inspirations everywhere. Whether it’s a beautiful garden, an enigmatic wildlife sanctuary or a snow-clad mountain top- I try to incorporate what I observe around in my designs in bits and pieces. Many raised an eyebrow when I told them that museums also form a great part of my inspiration. Swiss National Museum Zurich was always on my top priority list while I was figuring out the itinerary before our trip, along with my friend.

Located at the heart of the city, Swiss National Museum had a fantastic spot right next to the main railway station of Zurich. We got off from the train and reached at the museum at sharp 10.30 am in a Sunday morning. Barring Mondays and Thursdays, the museum remains open from 10.00 am-5.00 pm every day. While it remains closed on Mondays, Thursdays witness opening hours from 10.00 am-7.00 pm.

swiss national museum zurich

Swiss National Museum Zurich | Image Resource :

Before stepping inside, the magnificent building of Swiss National Museum Zurich cast a spell on us, with its extra-ordinary charm. Though the building was over a century old, still it looked like something out of a fairy tale. The instant liking for it stretched quite a bit for me- when we discovered that the ticket prices were also cheaper. While there was no entry fee for children under 16, for adults it was only CHF 10 per head.

Once inside, I learned that this museum was a fantastic amalgamation of modern art with antique pieces from the past. Not only the exhibits depicted the awe-inducing history of Switzerland but also they depicted the how the world famous industries of Switzerland evolved- from banking to Swiss chocolate to watches. I was most impressed with the ancient panel depicting the lives of patron saints of Zurich. The themed lighting alone took it to few notches higher. The narration was also in English along with German and French, so we were quite grateful of that.

On the other hand, by visiting many museums in India I had a notion that the museum staffs generally appear rather tight-lipped, but Swiss National Museum with its wonderful assistance staff, changed my view towards them.


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