Old Botanical Garden Zurich – A Rejuvenating Experience for Mind

What taking a spa does to my mind, strolling around a garden does to my soul! Whenever I feel dejected and let down, I take a quick tour to a nearby garden to refresh my mind. But in the recent times, there were hardly any garden in India which lived up to my expectation. So when I was planning to take a trip to Zurich, a visit to Old Botanical Garden Zurich was in my to-do list. Later I consulted with my friend and as free-bird like me; she also agreed upon to include Old Botanical Garden in our already packed schedule.

Zurich University Botanical Gardens Tim Parker

Zurich University Botanical Gardens Tim Parker | Image Resource : en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/11849355

Initially we were bit confused as there are two Botanical Gardens in Zurich. While both of them are owned by University of Zurich, one of them was relatively new as it was established in the year of 1977. But we were keen on visiting the Old Botanical Garden.

Old  Botanical Garden Zurich

Old Botanical Garden Zurich | Image Resource : en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/11849355

From the hotel travel desk we got to know that the garden was centrally located amidst a business district near Sihlporte area. As we were visiting the city during the month of October, we learned that the opening hours were 8.00 am- 6 pm. We were also informed that this routine continues from October-March. On the other hand, April to September witnesses opening time from 7.00 am-7.00 pm. We zeroed upon a tram ride and on a lazy Friday afternoon got off at the Sihltrasse stop. From there, the garden was a walking distance.

Western Parts of Old  Botanical Garden

Western Parts of Old Botanical Garden | Image Resource : nouhaillerphoto.blogspot.com/

Once inside, we were pleasantly flabbergasted by seeing the amazing trees which were almost 300 years old. The beautiful flower beds, quite paths that led to deeper parts of the garden and most importantly the tropical domes that were protecting exotic floras- Botanical Garden was a wonderland in its every inch. Though I was little disappointed seeing that each labels put up on the trees were in German only and we didn’t understand any of them.

River Side Old Botanical Garden

River Side Old Botanical Garden | Image Resource : nouhaillerphoto.blogspot.com/

A part from the tropical area that nurtured the plants from tropical islands, I loved the soft, velvety and well trimmed grass cover and we spent half an hour sitting on it. The garden also housed a nice cafeteria and we had the most delicious cold sandwich over there.

Before we stepped out of the garden, I gave a mental salute to the staff of the garden who without any monetary reward ( because of zero admission fee) found such enthusiasm to day-in and day-out to keep this garden such well-organize and serene.


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