Rietberg Museum Zurich – The Bastion of World Art!

I have heard it time and again that European society is quite insular till I visited Rietberg Museum Zurich. As an art lover I am tremendously enthusiastic about the museums that preserve arts of different periods and from diverse countries. Rietberg Museum Zurich was on my radar for a long time even before my friend and I planned our itinerary for Zurich.

Conveniently located at Gablestrasse, Rietberg Musuem was a well-connected building in terms of transportation. My friend and I reached there via train and once we stepped out from the Enge train station, it was a mere 10 minutes walking distance to Rietberg Museum Zurich. The museum remains open from 10.00 am-8.00 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays and Fridays, its opening hours stretch from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. We chose a Thursday after noon-time and later found it quite suitable as the museum was rather empty and we loved it totally!

rietberg museum zurich

Rietberg Museum Zurich | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

There was no entry fee so as always, this good news lifted my mood instantly. Constructed on a sprawling 17-acre land, Rietberg Museum was a composition of three historical villas. Among them, I was quite stumped to see the magnificent beauty of Wesendonck Villa. This is the third largest museum of Zurich and by its sheer size, we were quite convinced about its worthiness.

exhibition room in rietberg museum zurich

Exhibition Room in Rietberg Museum Zurich | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

Inside, we were simply floored with the cleanliness and the orderliness of Rietberg Museum. The vast collection of artifacts, especially from South-East Asian countries, made me swelled up with pride. Apart from that, what caught our attraction was the collection of scary African masks that left long-lasting effects on my mind.

zürich museum rietberg haus smaragd

Zürich Museum Rietberg Haus Smaragd | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

When we were there, we enjoyed a very interesting show about ‘Cosmos’ and this show gave a 24-hour tour of the entire universe which also included ancient Chinese astronomical charts.

We took only two hours to visit the museum. As we were already behind our time-schedule, we got out of it quite hurriedly. There was a basement in the museum that was reserved to display antiques but sadly, we had to give it a miss.

I determinedly pledged to drop there surely the next time!


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