Lake Zurich – Here Lays the Heart of Switzerland!

I have always felt that water calms me a lot. A new city with a lake that is filled with clean water has always scored high in my mark sheet. So when I found the information in the internet that the water of Lake Zurich is refreshing and offers lots of water sports activities; I promptly put it into my to-do list in Zurich. My friend-cum-travel companion was also very excited to take a boat ride on Lake Zurich!

lake zurich switzerland

Lake Zurich Switzerland | Image Resource :

Before we headed towards Lake Zurich on a sunny morning, we did homework on its geography. There were multiple gateways to enter to the premise of Lake Zurich but we had the intention of taking a boat trip. We learned that the trips with longer duration go rather heavy on the pocket so zeroed upon on a cheaper, half-n-hour ride from Burkliplatz dockyard.

We landed there at 1.00 pm on a sunny, warm afternoon and instantly got a kick when we saw that the ticket price was only CHF 8 per head. This was inarguably the best time of my life. The color of the water was crystal blue and it looked so clean that I felt like drinking it with a straw directly! We also considered us rather lucky as the breath-taking reflection of Mt. Alps was dancing on the water of Lake Zurich and we were quite in a euphoric state!

After a heavenly half-n-hour trip, we descended at the shore and got smitten with the charm of the vistas around Zurich Lake itself. We then moved towards the celebrated ‘Golden Coast’ that was stretched from Zollikon to Feldmeilen. There I saw some of the most magnificent villas of my life and both my friend and I sighed over the good fortunes of those billionaires who got to live amidst such an unbelievable beauty.

cheese fondue

Cheese Fondue | Image Resource :

hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate | Image Resource :

There were some cute and tiny bistros around Lake Zurich and we chose one to dig into cheese fondue and hot chocolate- two famous Swiss delicacies. A band was performing nearby and the lovely music along with the mind-blowing view- made our trip to Lake Zurich one of the most remarkable experiences in my life.


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