From New Delhi to Zurich – A Journey As Exciting As the Destination Itself!

I have already spent 25 years on the planet earth but the travel bug had bitten me rather late. I have visited most of the famous amusement parks in India and now can simply die for roller-coaster rides and giant wheels. I pushed the adventurer streak inside me and went for photographic expeditions to many of the wild life sanctuaries in India and never let the grass grow under my feet! Also I consider myself rather lucky to find the best travel companion in my best friend.

Last year, I discussed with her about next trip and both zeroed upon Switzerland as our next destination. But due to our budget and limited time, we preferred to visit Zurich and its surrounding areas only. We were looking for cheaper airlines and luckily in a travel site we perfectly landed at the page of New Delhi Zurich flights details that were quite cost-effective.

indira gndhi airport, new delhi

Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi | Image Resource :

Our journey started off in a sunny morning from Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi (DEL). It was a flight of Qatar Airways and both my friend and I were quite floored to receive the friendly hospitability. En route to Zurich, we had to take a halt at Doha International Airport (DOH) and the dazzling souvenir shops there cast a spell on us.

qatar airways

Qatar Airways | Image Resource :

At last when our flight landed at Zurich Airport (ZRH), we were feeling relatively fresh despite the jet-lag, thanks to the comfort provided by Qatar Airways.

Zurich- The Heart-Throb of Europe!

In our one week trip, Zurich left a long-lasting impression on both of us. The city which is voted number one in a ‘quality of life’ survey in 2012- seemed worthy of the tile in every aspect. With its gripping scenic beauty, the stillness of Zurich Lake, the compelling view of Mountain Alps, the sparkling shops and a mix of modern-yet-traditional architecture- Zurich tempted me enough to shift there in future!

On the other hand, professionally I felt I have become more matured after my trip to Zurich. The beauty of the city and its engaging art centres as well as museums- shall definitely help me in future to blossom in my passion for designing fabrics!


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