Palvolgyi Caves Budapest – Rich in Thrill

As a part of the last destination of that trip, I decided to visit the Palvolgyi Caves Budapest. Although I was nearing the end of the trip, this was the first time that I wasn’t sad. Actually I was so engrossed in the unbelievable and unique things that I have seen and experience in the trip that I didn’t have the time to feel bad. Moreover, I had kept one of the most adventurous spots in the country as my last destination and being a great fan of thrill and excitement, I was extremely eager to visit the place.

I knew that the city of Budapest is extremely well known as the City of Caves as it houses around two hundred small and big sized caves. There are many springs which account for the thermal baths in the city. These springs were the main cause for the formation of the large number of caves in Hungary’s capital. There are nine extremely protected caves in city out of which only 3 are accessible to the general public and Palvolgyi Caves Budapest was one of them.

palvolgyi caves budapest

Palvolgyi Caves Budapest | Image Resource :

However, I had time for only one of them and so chose the biggest one in the city. I had to shell out HUF 1200 for entering the caves which was extremely rich in dripstones and has the reputation of being the longest cave in the Buda Hills. It is the 3rd longest cave in Hungary and has been preserved and protected very well from 1944. It has a length of more than 7200 meters with a height of around 100 meters.

I knew from the web that the temperature inside the Palvolgyi Caves Budapest was more or less 11 degrees Celsius and thus I had brought some extra clothes and hiking boots so that I could explore the cave completely and climb the ladders comfortably. Thanks to the hotel staff members that I could arrange the requisite clothes and kits for exploring the caves thoroughly. I spent a lot of time in the cave giving wings to my desires for adventure. But since it was getting dark, I came out a bit early and returned to my hotel as I had to catch two flights to return home the next day.


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