Hungarian Railway Museum – Housing Some Vintage Trains

I have a special knack for vintage and old fashioned vehicles like cars, bikes as well as trains. It was this interested which influenced my decision to visit the Hungarian Railway Museum, which was the next destination in line. I knew that the Museum will enable me to have a deep insight into the history of Railways existing in this part of the world. It even houses some vintage locomotives and trains and houses many interactive exhibits as well. I had to pay 1400 HUF for entering the Museum and 300 HUF extra for enjoying the interactive rides.

I had to go to Budapest Keleti from where I took Bus No. 30A to Rokolya Utca from where it is a few minute walk to the Hungarian Railway Museum. There is also a train stop known as Railway Museum for trains running from Budapest Nyugati to Esztergom. It is situated at the same place where the Hungarian State Railway (MAV) had its northern depot. It also has the reputation of being the first ever interactive railway museum in the entire continent of Europe.

hungarian railway museum

Hungarian Railway Museum | Image Resource :

The roundhouse of the Northern Depot was constructed in 1911 and is a part and parcel of the history of Hungarian railways. It serves as the site for the museum which hosts more than 100 vintage trains, cars, locomotives and a lot more. It has different kinds of railroad machines that are either existing or have existed in Hungary at some point of time. On entering the museum I found a steam engine and saw that it was from the year 1877.

vintage cars in hungarian railway museum

Vintage Cars in Hungarian Railway Museum | Image Resource :

steam engine at hungarian railway museum

Steam Engine at Hungarian Railway Museum | Image Resource :

orient express at hungarian railway museum

Orient Express at Hungarian Railway Museum | Image Resource :

horse tram at hungarian railway museum

Horse Tram at Hungarian Railway Museum | Image Resource :

I also came across a railcar built around the 1930’s besides a dining vehicle constructed in the year 1912 as a part of the popular Orient Express. I also drove on a steam engine after exploring the vintage fleet vehicles on display. After that I rode a horse tram and a railcar and the experience was extremely unique and mind blowing. I also operated a handcar which was also known by the name of pump trolley. Believe me, if you are in Budapest you should never miss out the opportunity of riding these vehicles.


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