Hungarian National Gallery Budapest Hungary – Exhibiting Some Rare Pieces of Art

After spending some quality time at the concert hall, I had plans to explore some new and unique things displayed at the Hungarian National Gallery Budapest Hungary. But before that I decided to have my lunch as my tummy was craving for some food. I ordered some exclusively Hungarian dishes in a restaurant and relished all of them.

On my way to the National Gallery in a cab, I came to know from the driver that many people also call it by the name of Magyar Nemzeti Galeria. He also told me that the Gallery has been in existence from 1957 when it was known as the country’s National Art Museum. I had to reach the Buda Castle in order to find the Hungarian National Gallery. I knew that the Galley had in store a huge collection of Hungarian art from all kinds of genres. It even had works of art from Hungarian artists living in the 19th and 20th centuries and working in Paris or other cities on the West.

hungarian national gallery budapest

Hungarian National Gallery Budapest | Image Resource :

On entering the Hungarian National Gallery Budapest Hungary, I found that it hosts Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic art and Medieval Hungarian art pieces. I also saw some wood altars belonging to the fifteenth century. It exhibited some of the most elegant artistic creations from some of the biggest Hungarian sculptors like Miklos Borsos, Janos Fadrusz, Miklos Izso, Karoly Alexy, Gyula Donath, Maurice Ascalon, Istvan Ferenczy and Beni Ferenczy.

I also came across some snapshots and paintings from some of the reputed European artists like Ervin Marton adn Brassai. Then, I moved on to experience the artistic works from painters like Laszlo Paal and Mihaly Munkacsy.

I saw some exclusive works including the Models created by Jozsef Rippl Ronai and Taormina and Ruins of Ancient Theatre created by Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary. The Hungarian National Gallery Budapest Hungary also hosted paintings from renowned artists like Istvan Csok, Bertelan Szekely, Josef Borsos, Bela Ivany Grunwald, Karoly Marko, Karoly Lotz, Istvan Csok and Bertelan Szekely. After exploring the artistic works exhibited at the Gallery, I headed towards another museum known as Hungarian Railway Museum.


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